Suffering from foot pain? Your feet says it all!

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Most of us get our teeth cleaned up, we keep tabs on our heart conditions and also when the vision hits, we get our eyes checked. Now with the Covid, we are more than ever cautious of airborne diseases too. 

But do we ever give attention to our feet? 

Feet are a part of the anatomy many exercisers ignore and considered as the most complex structure of our body. Fitness experts say they are the very foundation of physical well-being and lack of attention can lead to pain and other foot problems which can be extremely serious life-changing.

4 simple steps that can get save you from the problem of constant foot pain are as follows.

👉Footwear: Many instances of foot pain are caused by shoes that are too pointy, too tight, or too high in the heel. Look for shoes that fit well, provide enough cushioning, and are comfortable.

👉Soak your Feet: Keeping feet clean and soaking them regularly reduces problems caused by harmful bacteria and can ward off fungal infections such as athlete's foot. Soak hot water for relaxation and cold water for aches and inflammations. Make this as a ritual at home on Sundays.

👉Rolling a Tennis Ball: Rolling a tennis ball on the bottom of the foot helps with back pain and foot pain. This is simply the best exercise you can do. Gently apply as much as pressure as you can tolerate pushing the ball into the floor, then roll the ball back and forth from your toes to your heel. Roll the ball for one minute and switch to the other foot. Perform the Rolling Massage Tennis ball experience to three days per week to prevent foot-related injuries.

👉Foot Reflexology: It's worth taking foot reflexology at your nearest spa once in a while. A good therapist understands your pressure points and a good 30 min of soothing the pressure points can give you a massive relief.

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