Meraki Referral & Loyalty Program

What is the Meraki Referral & Loyalty Program?
The objective of the Meraki Referral & Loyalty Program is to say thank you for visiting us. We hope to delight you so that you keep coming back to us and refer your friends & family too. It is a gesture of goodwill. 

How does it work?
Every time you purchase a service at any of our spas or refer a new guest to us, you will be rewarded Meraki Points, which you can either encash or use to pay for future services you take at our spa centers. Meraki Points earned by referrals only, is encashable by 25%.
1 Point = 1 Rupee

Why & how should I refer my friends & family?
Share the joy of your experience at Meraki with your friends by gifting them Rs. 1000 discount with your referral code (call respective branch to know your referral code or share your registered phone number with them) and you will also earn Rs. 848 Meraki Points, which you can encash by 25% or use for spa services.

How to encash Meraki Points?
Meraki Points earned by referrals only, is encashable by 25%. You will receive a SMS and email every time your referral code is used by your friends. You will need to call any of our branches and tell them that you would like to encash your Meraki Points earned by referrals. The amount will be transferred to your bank account.

Who is eligible for a referral discount?

Your referred guest needs to be a new guest to Meraki, which means they haven't made any purchase yet from our branches or website. Your new referred guests will get Rs. 1000 discount on services at any of our branches when they use your referral code. On successful use of your referral code by your referred guest, you will also get Rs. 848 Meraki Points on every successful referral, which you can encash by 25% or use for spa services.


 NOTE: Referral code, has to be presented at the time of booking the appointment. 


Meraki Points To Be Credited When You 

Purchase of a Service/Package: 5 Points for every Rs.100 spent

Refer a New Guest : 848 Points

Instant Reviews, while at the center, on Social Platforms : 300 Points


Encash or Redeem Meraki Points When

Encash 25% Meraki Points earned by Referrals only

Minimum Points Required to Redeem : 500 Points

Maximum Points Redeemable : Up to 50% of the invoice before tax 

Redeemable only on services, not on packages or membership


Terms (Subject to change without notice)

1 Point is Equal to : Rs. 1/-

Meraki Points cannot be clubbed with any other offer and will not be awarded for bookings through third party apps.

Meraki Points have no cash value, except 25% of what is earned by referrals.

Validity of Meraki Points is 6 months from the date of credit

The management reserves the right to discontinue the Meraki Loyalty Program without notice.