Things You Need To Know About Foot Reflexology

Things You Need To Know About Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology is a type of massage focusing on the feet, which relieves tension and can relieve pain in a therapeutic way. By stimulating certain pressure points on the feet, which are connected to all of the body.

It’s a very interesting way to massage as every point connects to a different part of the body, techniques used with fingers thumbs and hands without oil in most spa’s. I recently had reflexology at Bangalore’s famous Meraki Spa and Wellness. It blew me away, with the calm atmosphere in the “Relaxation Area” which truly is a dream. Peaceful music, cosy chairs and wonderful therapists compliment this beautiful spa in Bangalore.

With this treatment, in most high established spa’s you can choose to have it dry or with oil or cream. It’s a personal preference. But at Meraki, they use a carrier oil of olive jojoba or almond. These are best to relax the body naturally.

Reflexology boots the immune system enabling the lymph nodes to start up, increasing your bodies natural vitamins which can fight off colds/flu. After the treatment have plenty of water and take it easy.

Or if you want the ultimate detoxifying treatment, gladly have the green tea offered after the service. It helps to control hunger, improve brain function and can lower the risk of cancer. I highly recommend Meraki Spa and Wellness, simply amazing.


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