What's best for a hangover?

What's best for a hangover?

Life is fun and exciting, but sometimes we may suffer the next day, those multiple drinks can give you that dreaded hangover. You’ll want calm, gentle, and quiet surroundings. Your head may be pounding, but you want to drift into a serene state of mind.

You’ll need soft strokes to your head face and back will help any intensity, aches or pains. A base carrier oil of olive, almond, or jojoba. Advising only soothing oils such as lavender or ylang ylang to help the hangover. Accurate pressure points are key to relieving any tension. A wonderful solution to a hangover is a massage. A good therapist will know the certain points to help you and make you feel relaxed. The most beautiful spa’s need the best trained therapists. Here in Bangalore, the most relaxing spa Meraki Spa and Wellness.

Plenty of water and nutritious foods/supplements will ease any loss of energy. A small amount of salt can help but you must keep hydrated. Research shows at first if you have heavy, salty foods it may make you feel better. But the longer lasting effects may come back, use most of your energy and can make you feel worse after some time. Its best to eat the hydrating foods and drink plenty of water and juice. Energy is found in a nice surrounding, a peaceful luxurious spa such as Meraki Spa and Wellness.

Bangalore has its amazing, thriving nightlife and choice of pubs/clubs and restaurants. Which is perfect for locals and tourists, holiday makers. But there’s nothing quite like that quiet afternoon in a spa, easing your mind of your day to day life. Meraki Spa and Wellness, being open til 9pm 7 days a week is known to be the best spa in Bangalore.


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