What is Well-being?

What is Well-being?

“The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.”

Well-being provides ways to understand what your mind body and soul needs, the world is complex and channeling your well-being can be tough. Believed to help in the stresses of life is therapy, being verbal and physical. Physical therapy such as massage can relieve stress anxiety and pain, leaving the mind relaxed and centered. My favorite space to relax in, Meraki Spa and Wellness, the therapists attention to detail making me feel completely at peace. It’s the best spa in Bangalore to get some me time, or even have a romantic afternoon with a couples massage.

We all look forward to putting our feet up and being taken care of, that being going out for dinner or to a friends place. It’s that feeling of being at home or an escape, it can be different for everyone. Personally I like going somewhere new that can feel homely, my first visit to Meraki was unforgettable. As soon as you walk in the door, the atmosphere is so serene and sublime that you instantly feel calm and happy. I was showed consideration and care from the front desk and therapist. Entering the dim lit treatment room, fresh towels, candles, flowers, I instantly knew this would be a wonderful afternoon.

The right nutrition is key, staying hydrated and having time to your self or with loved ones is a must. Personally I like to visit a spa, have a body scrub massage and facial. To relax at my favorite spot in town, Meraki Spa and Wellness where they provide a refreshing green tea, which is amazing to flush away toxins. Well-being starts with you, you have to note the things that make you happy mentally and what is good for your body. 

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