Natural Skin Lightening Or De-Tanning

Natural Skin Lightening Or De-Tanning

Good news, I’ve found a few home remedies or skin whitening and de-tanning. Ingredients such as coffee lemon and milk help to lessen darker skin patches and marks on the body. These remedies tips are taken from my favorite spa in Bangalore, Meraki Spa and Wellness.

The citrus from lemons/limes have vitamin C which helps to naturally break down the color. Combining lemon and coffee and honey is perfect home made scrub with some olive oil as the base to smooth skin and provide nourishment.

People even use lemon juice with olive oil onto their hair to lighten it naturally without using bleach, this is an easy and cost effective way to lighten skin and hair on the body.

Any softer ingredient with a harder one, e.g. oil and sugar/salt gets deep into skins follicles and after a few scrubs you will notice the change in your skin. For professional skin care, a great alternative to you doing this from home is Meraki Spa and Wellness, offering the best body polishes and scrubs clinically proving to combat dark circles and patches to the skin. Let yourself unwind and relax in the best spa in Bangalore, Meraki Spa and Wellness.

 Substances such as coffee, lemon, turmeric, milk, honey, pineapple are great ways to lightening skin and de-tan. These ingredients help to buff the skin of dead skin cells.

Some people are conscious of their complexion on their face, methods such as facials are perfect for de-tanning. A spa famous for clearing dark patches from the face and body is Meraki Spa and Wellness with the best lightening facial in Bangalore.

Citrus fruits are an incredible way to fight infection, impact your immune system and it takes 5-7 years for an orange tree to produce edible fruit and has the highest amount of fiber in fruits and vegetables. Fruit such as grapefruit is known to help with weight loss/fat burning during a detox. Adding grapefruit and protein to your diet is a great way to loose weight and clear skin.




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