Glowing Skin in 4 Steps: Our Intensive Body Polish

Glowing Skin in 4 Steps: Our Intensive Body Polish

Discover the ultimate pathway to radiant, refreshed skin with our Intensive Body Polish, a meticulously crafted four-step journey designed to rejuvenate and renew your skin. This comprehensive treatment is more than a beauty ritual; it's a celebration of self-care and skin health.

The journey begins with cleansing, the foundation of any effective skincare regimen. Our gentle yet thorough cleansing process removes surface impurities, setting the stage for deeper treatment. This crucial step ensures that your skin is perfectly prepped and receptive to the benefits of the following stages.

Next, we introduce exfoliation. This step is pivotal in sloughing away dead skin cells that often dull the complexion. By removing this layer, we reveal the smoother, brighter skin beneath. Exfoliation not only revitalizes the skin's appearance but also enhances its ability to absorb the nourishing ingredients applied in subsequent steps.

Following exfoliation, toning takes center stage. This crucial step removes any residue left after cleansing and exfoliating. More importantly, toning prepares your skin to better absorb the active ingredients in the moisturizer. It helps restore the natural pH balance of your skin, ensuring it remains at its healthiest state.

Finally, the Fuller's earth pack acts as a powerful detoxifier. It effectively removes excess oil, dirt, sebum, sweat, and impurities, leaving your skin clean and clear. This natural clay is renowned for its ability to prevent body acne and pimples, ensuring your skin remains pristine. Following this, guests are asked to take steam, shower and then recommended to use moisturiser on the whole body. 

Each step of our Intensive Body Polish is designed to build upon the last, culminating in a comprehensive treatment that leaves your skin not just looking better, but feeling healthier and more vibrant. Embrace this indulgent, transformative experience and reveal your most luminous self. 

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